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When Your Baby Suddenly Wakes Up In The middle Of The Night.

Annette Faamausili, June 10 2020

Parents often talk about celebrating their baby’s milestones: the first time they sleep through the night, the first real laugh, the first time they roll over…. And while these are memorable occasions, often, people don’t talk about the challenges involved! Many developmental milestones don’t miraculously happen. They are practiced again and again...

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How To Manage Day Naps On The Go

Annette Faamausili, May 18 2020

How To Manage Day Naps On The Go Level 2 is here and we are all planning how we might venture back out into the big wide world again. But with children, getting out and about is always something to be considered. Day naps are an essential part of your baby’s routine, particularly when they are very young. But some parents don’t have the luxury of b...

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Managing Family Life & Routines During Lockdown

Annette Faamausili, April 14 2020

Nobody in the country right now would deny that we are living in a strange and surreal time. Virtually overnight, our regular routines have been thrown a major curve ball, with the nation going into an unprecedented lockdown. Even those who were already at home looking after younger children or infants have lost the daily escapes, distractions, and...

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The Bedtime Story - A Ritual With Lifelong Benefits.

Annette Faamausili, March 11 2020

Stories are pretty magical. And nothing is ever as magical as the bedtime story. You probably fondly remember the ritual of a bedtime story from your own childhood. It’s remarkable how deep and far back those memories go. Tucked up in bed in cozy pyjamas hugging your favourite soft toy, while the calming tones of your parent's voice washed away the...

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Ditching The Day Nap

Annette Faamausili, January 13 2020

Is your child ready? Read here for the best tips ever on WHEN, HOW & WHY to make this tricky transition a smooth one. Yikes I hear you say, at just the thought of doing away with those sacred few hours of peace and quiet will send a shudder down your spine. This is probably one of the most dreaded and feared parts of raising a toddler and one that...

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Parents.. It's OK To Ask For Help

Annette Faamausili, January 3 2020

It’s OK to ask for help. If you’ve questioned what you are doing, or felt overwhelmed by the sheer responsibility of raising kids, then this blog is for you... Modern parenting is nothing like parenting of the past. There is so much pressure and the expectation to get everything right.

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Do Bedtime Routines Really Matter?

Annette Faamausili, September 29 2019

What’s all the fuss about? Well believe it or not a good consistent bedtime routine can make all the difference to optimising your child's sleeping potential. Sleep Cues Children and babies need sleep cues or sleep triggers to prepare their bodies for sleep and surprisingly adults need them too. Each night before bed adults will follow a simple set...

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Cot To Bed Transition

Annette Faamausili, August 5 2019

So how can you make sure this inevitable milestone doesn’t turn into a bedtime disaster? There is no ‘right time’ to make the transition. Ideally you should try to keep your toddler in a cot for as long as possible but generally by the age of 3 is a good time. By this age your child will probably have dropped their day nap and is less likely to use...

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Things You Shouldn't Say To A Sleep Deprived Parent

Annette Faamausili, July 21 2019

The thing about parenting is that so many people have done it. And they are quick to offer advice that has worked for them. Unfortunately, every child is different and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for sleep issues. While you may have the best intentions when trying to offer comfort and advice to a sleep-deprived parent, there are just s...

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How To Navigate & Survive The 18 Month Sleep Regression

Annette Faamausili, June 3 2019

Congratulations! You have survived the newborn stage and your little one is well and truly on the path to being a toddler. All those sleepless nights have paid off, and you can look forward to more sleep… right? Hold your horses. If your child is nearing the year and a half mark, you may be in for some disappointment in that arena! At this age, num...

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