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Peaceful nights, nourishing sleep and calmer days await you

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Welcome to Serene Sleep

I'm Annette, expert Baby and Child Sleep Consultant.

I provide gentle, tailored and highly effective sleep solutions to help exhausted parents gain confidence and achieve solid sleep for a more harmonious, calmer and rested family life.

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Sleep Tips

The Curse Of The Second Wind

Kids are amazingly resilient. And it seems that the time they are at their most resilient is bedtime! It feels like kids learn delaying tactics from a very young age and are not afraid to use these tactics when it is time to go to sleep. Perilously, this procrastination can open the door for the dreaded second wind, making it virtually impossible...

How To Navigate Sleep Disruption When Sickness Strikes

It's never easy to watch your child when they are ill. This is especially true when they are younger, and they don't always understand what's happening and can't communicate how they are feeling. They simply know something isn’t right and often aren’t aware that you are trying to fix it

Exploring The Unspoken Guilt Of Sleep Training

"I wish I'd got help sooner" is a common phrase heard among parents who have navigated the experience of a baby who slept poorly and made it through the other side. Unfortunately, many parents don't seek help with their little one's sleep. At least not until they have struggled for a long time or have reached breaking

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