I’m Annette, Baby and Child Sleep Consultant. Let’s work together to optimise your child’s sleep potential. My practical, gentle approach will lead to positive and lasting change - not just for baby, but for your whole family.

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Sleep Packages

Choose a sleep package to suit your needs. Packages range from one-off phone chats to in depth home consultations.


Parenting advice, tips on infant and toddler sleep, reviews of some of the latest sleep-related products and more.


Quality products for your baby handpicked by Annette for their durability and effectiveness.

"I can’t recommend Annette enough. In just two weeks we’ve gone from our baby waking every hour at night to sleeping through from 7pm to 6am. Annette’s method is gentle, simple and so effective. We’ve been blown away by the transformation and level of support."

Katherine Lonsdale- Cooper - Auckland.

What a  difference sleep makes.

About Annette

Trained and qualified in the National Health Service in the UK, Annette is a highly skilled Baby and Child Sleep Consultant. Now with a private practice in Auckland, she draws on her 20 years of experience to bring relief to sleep-deprived parents by instilling good sleep habits in children 3 months to 5 years.


Home consultation package
The most comprehensive package for parents who require the convenience of a home consultation and the benefit of 4 weeks of follow-up support.

Video call package
A very effective option for families who live outside Auckland or overseas and seek all the benefits of the home consultation package without the home visit.

Phone package
Private consultations over the phone. Suitable for parents whose children have a mild to moderate sleeping problem and don’t require a consultation in person or regular follow-up support.

30-Minute express phone consultation
A perfect option for parents who need just a few sleep tips or pointers and do not require any follow-up support.


Sleep Packages

“Things can unravel quickly when already-busy parents are sleep-deprived. I feel blessed to have the knowledge and skills to help them get their lives back on an

even keel”.

The little Serene Sleep Shop.

Quality products for your baby handpicked by Annette for their durability, safety and effectiveness.

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