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Express Phone Call

Sometimes you just need a quick chat and some fresh eyes to help when your child's usual sleep routine goes off track.

The Express Phone Call is the perfect option if your child usually sleeps well and is able to self-settle, but something has recently changed.


This option includes:

30-min phone call


The Express Phone Call is ideal for moderate sleep challenges and is often helpful with times such as:

  • managing sleep routines while on holiday; or when you return from holiday
  • adjustment to daylight savings
  • moving from a cot to a bed
  • dropping or merging day naps
  • for returning clients who need adjustments to their existing sleep routine


Note: there is no written sleep plan or follow up support included with this package.  This option is NOT suitable if your child has not yet learnt the skill to self settle and wakes regularly as this requires more in depth support and advice.


Investment : $89 (incl. GST)


Need a little more support?

If during our call you discover you need more support and a detailed, customised plan, you can upgrade to either the Zoom or Home consultation package. A refund of $89 will be issued once full payment for the Zoom/Home package is received. This offer is only available within 48 hours of your initial Express Call.


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