Keeping Your Baby Cool In Hot Weather

Annette Faamausili, January 17 2019

Summer is an amazing time of year. There is lots of time to get out with the family and enjoy some sunshine filled adventures. But there are many reasons it is not so good for getting your little ones to sleep. The longer days can impact their melatonin levels and their ability to sleep, check out my blog HERE for further details, but the real issu...

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Managing Daylight savings and the lighter evenings

Annette Faamausili, November 14 2018

The promise of summer fun is exciting, but the thought of how the longer days will impact the sleep patterns of our little ones is a less exciting thought! As the days grow warmer and we turn our clocks forward an hour, you may find it more difficult to settle your children and babies into their new bed time. You may also find that your mornings st...

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Managing The Midnight Dummy Runs

Annette Faamausili, October 15 2018

Dummies. They can be a double edged sword. They are a godsend for helping your baby settle, but an absolute nightmare if they constantly lose them in the night. You exchange getting up to settle your baby for getting up to put their dummy back in. Your sleep is still interrupted. If your baby is 6 months or older and having dummy finding issues, th...

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Navigating the 2-1 Nap Transition

Annette Faamausili, September 16 2018

Are you having trouble getting your little one down for an afternoon nap on time? Maybe bedtime is becoming a bit of a nightmare? Then it could be time to consider transitioning from two day naps to one. Typically this transition normally occurs from the age of 12 to 15 months, but most babies start to show signs of readiness between 13 and 14 mont...

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When can I stop swaddling my baby?

Annette Faamausili, August 9 2018

Let’s take a look at some swaddling safety tips, when's a good time to stop swaddling and how to transition your baby to a sleep sack. Why Swaddling? Swaddling your baby means snuggly wrapping them in a blanket or sheet for warmth and security. It mimics the snug feeling of being in the womb, helping them stay calm in the big wide world. By wrappin...

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3-2 Nap transition. Find out when, How and Why to make the transition.

Annette Faamausili, June 17 2018

Don't worry, this transition is the easiest to master and most babies navigate through it fairly quickly without too much fuss. When Is My Baby Ready To Go From Three Day Naps To Two? Is the last sleep of the day creeping later and later? Is your baby really hard to settle at night? Then it might be time to consider moving from three daytime naps t...

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Comfort blankets - Are they really worth their weight in gold?

Annette Faamausili, May 10 2018

They actually form a really important function in a child’s life. While it is a pain to wrestle them away to wash (but cute to see your little one hang out by the dryer in anticipation of having snuggy back in their arms), and they can start to look more ratty than comforting, they  work very well.

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What under-tiredness can mean for your toddler?

Annette Faamausili, April 18 2018

Do you have a toddler wrecking havoc at your place when it comes to bedtime? Or they are waking in the night, or rising far too early in the morning. All of these things could be signs of under tiredness. Yep, that's right. There are different kinds of tiredness and they can seriously affect your child’s sleep routines. Let’s look at what under tir...

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Is the 4 month regression a real thing?

Annette Faamausili, March 13 2018

What Is The 4 Month Sleep Regression? Sleep Cycles Did you know that your baby goes through sleep cycles? Every night your child (and you too) go through repeating sleep cycles of deep and light sleep. Light sleep is a time when your child might not even realise they are asleep, they can twitch, dream and wake easily. Deep sleep is where the real r...

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The truth about Teething

Annette Faamausili, September 21 2017

So I wanted to put together an article on the real truth about teething. Historical Beliefs Long ago, medical professionals actually thought that teething was a major cause of death. Yes you did read that right, I did say death. It is even listed as the cause of death on many infant death certificates before the mid-19th century.

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