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Changing Your Baby's Bedroom - Making The Transition Easier.

Annette Faamausili, September 27 2021

Change can be difficult for humans, even the youngest among us! While babies under six months are generally pretty adaptable, the older an infant gets, the more aware they are of subtle changes to their environment. That’s why changing your baby’s bedroom can feel like such a big deal, especially the first move from your bedroom into their own...

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Is Your Child Not Sleeping? Here’s Six Possible Reasons Why

Annette Faamausili, July 21 2021

Science (and common sense) tells us that kids need more sleep than adults. That’s no surprise considering they seem to burn so much energy during the day – and that’s on top of all the growing and learning that’s going on! However, as wonderful as sleep is, it doesn’t always come easily, even for

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How to Tackle Night Terrors and Nightmares in Children

Annette Faamausili, June 17 2021

Have you ever been startled awake by the sound of your child screaming? Little else gets the heart pumping so fast in the middle of the night! Night terrors and nightmares can be distressing for little ones and parents – particularly if you are not quite sure what’s going on. While feeling apprehensive at bedtime is perfectly normal for children...

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How To Transition Out Of A Sleep Sack

Annette Faamausili, May 18 2021

When your little one is still small, sleep sacks are a fantastic option. Your wee one can’t wriggle out of these mini sleeping bags no matter how much they toss and turn, so they stay nice and cosy throughout the night and during naps too. For young babies, they are also a safer option than blankets as they can’t come loose and become a

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Travelling With Children - How To Handle Sleep While On Holiday

Annette Faamausili, April 20 2021

Is it time to dig out your passport and plan an overseas trip with your family? Perhaps your little one has yet to meet family members, or perhaps you and your family are in dire need of a break. Either way, you are packing your bags and booking your flights. But travelling with a youngster – particularly a very young one – can be a little...

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Why Do Babies Put Everything In Their Mouths - And Why Is It A Good Thing?

Annette Faamausili, March 29 2021

Have you ever wondered, “why babies put everything in their mouths? They hit the four-month mark, and suddenly everything within reach must be thoroughly tasted – their hands and feet, any toy whatsoever, the carpet fluff, your phone, the cat’s tail… It’s a constant struggle to be vigilant enough to avoid something truly vile becoming a chew toy!

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Why Sleep Rituals Hold The Key To Quality Sleep

Annette Faamausili, February 21 2021

Imagine sitting in your lounge minding your own business when someone drags you off to bed without prior warning when you're not even tired. You’d feel confused, rushed, and unlikely to fall asleep anytime soon. This is how your baby feels if you expect them to go straight to sleep at bedtimes with no pre-sleep routine or prior

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To Sleep Train Or Not: The Dilemma

Annette Faamausili, January 12 2021

There’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with being a parent. But there are three things that are pretty much guaranteed. However, there are three things that can be almost certain. First, you're likely to experience frequent fatigue and overwhelm. Second, you'll inevitably wrestle with some tough decisions. And third, everyone will offer their...

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Maintaining A Sleep Routine While Staying Away From Home

Annette Faamausili, December 13 2020

Managing a Sleep Routine While Staying Away From Home Do you remember the days when you could just grab your car keys and a modest overnight bag and head out the door – whether you were going on a road trip or heading off for the weekend? As parents to young ones, those days may seem like distant

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How To Deal With The Dreaded 5am Wake ups.

Annette Faamausili, November 3 2020

How To Deal With The Dreaded 5am Wake Ups 5am is early. And I don’t just mean a little bit early. It is a crazy early time to start your day if you don’t have to be up for a specific reason. Sometimes our little ones just don’t get how early 5am is! They can often be ready to start their day long before we are. This is especially hard on you if...

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