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Travelling With Children - How To Handle Sleep While On Holiday

Annette Faamausili, April 20 2021

After a year of stay-cations (or stay-at-home holidays!), things look to be improving. Travel bubbles are popping up, and overseas trips are possible again. Is it time to dig up the passport and take a trip to visit dearly missed loved ones across the ditch? Perhaps your little one has yet to meet family members, or perhaps you and your family are...

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Why Do Babies Put Everything In Their Mouths - And Why Is It A Good Thing?

Annette Faamausili, March 29 2021

Have you ever wondered, “why babies put everything in their mouths? They hit the four-month mark, and suddenly everything within reach must be thoroughly tasted – their hands and feet, any toy whatsoever, the carpet fluff, your phone, the cat’s tail… It’s a constant struggle to be vigilant enough to avoid something truly vile becoming a chew toy!

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Why Sleep Rituals Are The Holy Grail Of Sleep.

Annette Faamausili, February 21 2021

Baby Bedtimes: Why Sleep Rituals are the Holy Grail of Sleep Imagine sitting in your lounge minding your own business when someone drags you off to bed without prior warning when you're not even tired. You’d feel confused, rushed, and unlikely to fall asleep anytime soon. This is how your baby feels if you expect them to go straight to sleep at bed...

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To Sleep Train Or Not To Sleep Train

Annette Faamausili, January 12 2021

There’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with being a parent. But there are three things that are pretty much guaranteed. Firstly – you are likely to feel tired and overwhelmed a lot of the time. Secondly, you are going to agonise over some decisions. And thirdly – everyone is going to have an opinion on your parenting style no matter how well meani...

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Managing A Sleep Routine While Staying Away From Home

Annette Faamausili, December 13 2020

Managing a Sleep Routine While Staying Away From Home Do you remember the days when you could just grab your car keys and a modest overnight bag and head out the door – whether you were going on a road trip or heading off for the weekend? As parents to young ones, those days may seem like distant memories.

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How To Deal With The Dreaded 5am Wake ups.

Annette Faamausili, November 3 2020

How To Deal With The Dreaded 5am Wake Ups 5am is early. And I don’t just mean a little bit early. It is a crazy early time to start your day if you don’t have to be up for a specific reason. Sometimes our little ones just don’t get how early 5am is! They can often be ready to start their day long before we are. This is especially hard on you if you...

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White Noise For Babies - What's The Fuss About?

Annette Faamausili, October 8 2020

Do you sleep better when you can hear rain gently falling onto the roof? Many of us do, including babies! In fact, white noise in general can be deeply effective in helping babies settle quickly and sleep more deeply. Many parents see amazing results when they use it. Want to know what all the fuss is and why white noise for babies can be so helpfu...

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Managing Daylight Savings

Annette Faamausili, September 15 2020

The promise of summer fun is exciting, but the thought of how the longer days will impact the sleep patterns of our little ones is a less exciting thought! As the days grow warmer and we turn our clocks forward an hour, you may find it more difficult to settle your children and babies into their new bed time. You may also find that your mornings st...

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Does A No-Cry Sleep Solution Really Exist?

Annette Faamausili, September 6 2020

Does A No Cry Sleep Solution Really Exist? There comes a point in every sleep-deprived parent’s life where they wish, hope, and maybe even pray for a no-cry sleep solution. This is usually in the wee hours of the morning when most lucky people are asleep! Does this mythical solution really exist?

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Why Wake A Sleeping Baby?

Annette Faamausili, July 20 2020

As much as we adore our babies, they are often most beautiful when they are sleeping peacefully. This is especially true if we as parents are somewhat sleep-deprived ourselves! The old wives tales tell us that we should never wake a sleeping baby… or should you? Disturbing the slumber of your snoozing baby can feel rather counter-intuitive, but the...

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