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The Early Riser Guide

6 months up to 3 years

$37(inc GST)

The Early Riser Guide for babies & toddlers 6 mths to 3 years is the perfect guide to help you tackle early rising

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A downloadable guide for parents seeking advice, guidance and clarity when tackling early rising in babies and toddlers 6 mths to 3 years

This Early Riser Guide covers:

what causes early rising;

over-tiredness versus under-tiredness – how to get the right balance;

sleep environment;

adjusting naps to help improve early rising;

when and how to resettle and what to expect;

feeds and early wakes – when to cut out feeds;

nap transitions;

sleep trainer clocks - how to effectively use one;

age specific awake windows and nap lengths chart (0-3 years)


Includes Annette's tried and tested ‘Nudge To Sleep’ technique for even the most stubborn early risers.


Please note this plan does not include bespoke settling strategies and is only suitable for babies or toddlers who generally sleep well, can self-settle but have fallen into the habit of waking too early.


The Early Riser Guide is an instant download, no product will be shipped. Once the item is purchased via the online shop you will be emailed a link to download the guide.  Please note : the link will expire after 7 days.  Please remember Serene Sleep is a small family-run business and we ask that you do not share your link for the guide with others.

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