Highly experienced children’s sleep consultant based in Auckland.

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Annette is a highly experienced children’s sleep consultant based in Auckland who has been advising and supporting families both in the UK and New Zealand since 1999.

Trained and qualified in the NHS, and with a background in child development and psychology, Annette has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding and interpreting sleep problems in children.

Following a demand in the community she worked, Annette set up and ran a fully funded Sleep Clinic in the NHS that provided invaluable support and advice to those families in need.

Her reputation of ‘making sense of it all’ and being able to get parents to see things through their child’s eyes has bought her immense success and parents love her sensible, flexible and supportive approaches to childhood sleep disorders.  

Check out Annette's amazing Facebook reviews and see for yourself the difference she has made to so many lives.

Being a parent herself, Annette fully understands and appreciates the demands that family life can bring, and with the added stress of sleepless nights, the consequences can be devastating.

"sadly, the vast majority of families I see today have reached breaking point, reports Annette, quite often there are tears and emotions running high but often it's a relief for them to be talking about it."

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"I think it's really important to get to the core of the sleep problem and to try and get parents to stand back and see it from their child's perspective. That way they will be in a better position to make the right changes to getting a good night's sleep.”

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Annette is the only sleep consultant in New Zealand to offer an amazing 4 weeks of follow up support as standard with any purchased sleep package.

She truly believes it is an essential part of any parent's sleep journey and having the right support, empowerment and expertise is what parents need and truly deserve.

So if you're in need of a truly comprehensive and supportive service then give Annette a call today and take the first step to getting a good nights' sleep.

My clients say it best

"I could not recommend Annette more highly. I went from rocking and feeding to sleep, to baby self settling within a few days. This was thanks to the amazing support and advice given by Annette that was tailored to suit our family, and parenting styles. Our baby is so much happier now that she is getting the sleep she needs, and so are we!"

Melissa Milly Hubbard