Baby Sleep Workshop
0-8 months

friday 29th Novemeber

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Are you struggling to understand your baby's ever changing sleep habits?


Do you want to optimise your baby's sleeping potential without having to resort to 'cry it out' methods?

Are you feeling confused about how much sleep your baby should be getting?

If YES this workshop is for you.

With over 20 years experience of working as a Sleep Consultant I'm hosting another popular workshop and would love to share my wisdom, expertise and experiences with you.

The session will cover the following areas: (0-8 months)



- Day naps - lengths, awake times and what to expect.

- Sleep Cues & rituals - how important they are in the role

- The 4 month sleep regression explained - signs to look out for and the impact on your baby's sleep

- Self settling - How important is it?

- Swaddle to sleep sack transition - when and how

- Comfort blankets and white noise - the perfect settling tools

- Gentle sleep training techniques - How to avoid unnecessary 'Cry it Out' methods

- Sleep product shop - the chance to purchase and browse the latest must have sleep products as seen during the session (Eftpos & credit cards accepted)-

-Q & A session at end of workshop.


Before attending your 0-8 months workshop, my little one's sleep was all over the place! I didn't really know what I was doing, especially during the day. She wasn't settling for the night until well after 9pm by which time I was shattered and needed to get some sleep myself! Just a few days after attending your workshop and following your suggested day sleep schedule we got it sorted! She now self settles easily and is asleep in about 5 minutes, as you taught me how to capture the optimal sweet spot for her to be tired. She is now in bed between 7-7:30pm each night and I have my evenings back to kick back and relax! Thank you so much!

Nichola DL

Clients say it best