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Gentle, practical and sensible sleep solutions that make perfect sense

To help parents feel more confident and empowered, I offer a range of services that provide sleep solutions that really work.

Choose from a range of sleep packages

Explore my sleep packages in more detail or contact me to see which service would best suit your family's needs.

Sleep Packages

Workshops & Events

In-home consultation package Video call consultation package Phone consultation package Add-on packages for extra follow-up supportOne-off phone consultations for sleep tips and advice

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Baby and toddler workshops and webinars on a variety of topics will be held throughout the year

Coffee Group Workshops - gather your coffee group friends and let Annette come to you and host a sleep session in the comfort of your own home. The session will be tailored to the ages of the babies in your group.

Find out about our upcoming workshops and webinars on this site or on Facebook. Learn more about Coffee Group Workshops or contact us to arrange one at your place.

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how I work

Personal Service You Can Trust

There is a lot to be said for personal service provided by someone you trust. Search the internet, read self-help books, talk to friends and you will get conflicting advice that will probably confuse you. When you consult with me, you have the confidence that I am trained and qualified. Baby and Child Sleep Consultancy is all I do, that is, apart from being a mother myself. My sole focus is you and your baby. You’ll get the help you deserve. I’m as invested as you are in getting results.

On-Going Support For Reassurance

I am the only Baby and Child Sleep Consultant in New Zealand to offer 4-weeks of follow-up support as standard with any sleep package.

There are strong reasons why it’s so important to provide follow up support to parents in addition to the initial home, video call or phone consultation. After we’ve set the sleep plan in motion, you’ll notice positive changes after just a few days, but you will need support as you all adjust to the new routine. Clients have said how reassuring it is to be able to talk to me directly when they experience any problems. It also gives me the opportunity to make small tweaks to the plan if your child isn’t responding as expected or circumstances change.

A Practical, Gentle, Holistic Approach

Through many years of working with stressed parents whose children aren’t sleeping or have disruptive sleeping patterns, I’ve found that simple, practical solutions paired with a gentle and caring approach achieve the best outcomes. I also look at the bigger picture - beyond the baby’s sleeping - to see if factors such as sleep environment, health difficulties, nutrition or lifestyle might be having an impact.

Tailored Sleep Plans

I know from experience that a sleep plan designed specifically for your child will have far more success than a generic one. There are so many variables that can impact a baby’s sleep and behaviour.You’ll notice how thorough my online questionnaire is. That’s because a tailored plan takes into consideration things such as the child’s behaviour; any health conditions or difficulties; room setup; parenting style; home environment; and support networks.

“My aim is for you to enjoy your baby. Add a baby that won’t sleep to a household with already-busy lives and it’s a slippery slope to sleep deprivation and all the stresses that come with that. Having support when you need it is key to a more harmonious family life.

Let’s start by getting your child into good sleep habits!”


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Before attending your 0-8 months workshop, my little one's sleep was all over the place! I didn't really know what I was doing, especially during the day. She wasn't settling for the night until well after 9pm by which time I was shattered and needed to get some sleep myself! Just a few days after attending your workshop and following your suggested day sleep schedule we got it sorted! She now self settles easily and is asleep in about 5 minutes, as you taught me how to capture the optimal sweet spot for her to be tired. She is now in bed between 7-7:30pm each night and I have my evenings back to kick back and relax! Thank you so much!

Nichola DL

Parents say it best